Welcome to the Jen*Sue Dancers

Established back in 1976 ~ Sisters Jennie and Susan have been working hard teaching Dance in the Western Suburbs for the last 37 years.

Our school offers dance to all ages. "Everyone is welcome at JSD"

  • Both Miss Jennie & Miss Susan, have full diplomas from the Australian Academy of Theatrical & Dancing Inc. in Ballet - Jazz - Tap  & Theatrical dance. The School has a 100% pass rate in examinations with all students keeping the standard high. As well as examination work the students also have the oportunities of learning other forms of dance like Funk or Hip hop as seen on video clips, modern jazz & Contemporary.
  • Concerts and mid year performances ~ all the students look forward to these and why not! You get to wear makeup, wigs, costumes, and perform at some of the best theatres in Melbourne with the applause from one of the best audience's around. This is what dance is all about to us, kids having fun, gaining confidance, and building long lasting friendships with team mates.

Examinations are taught to all students.  

This gives the student the knowledge and understanding of technique, correct placement and safe dance. 

  • The AATBD Inc society is recognized throughout Australia, and its syllabus has been devised with great care.
  • All examinations count towards a Diploma of Dance in their respective fields and qualifications may be used to eventually teach or dance professionally and can be taken as a subject at school in years 10, 11 and 12.
  • For passing a grade you/your child receives a report on their examinations and are graded for their own benefit, receive a medal & a certificate and are eligible for the many awards (trophies and scholarships) that the Academy gives.
  • Examinations are not compulsory but highly recommended as it reinforces the discipline of dancing.

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